About the Artist

Judith Gale is an internationally exhibited artist, featured in galleries in Chelsea, New York, as well as in Italy and Madrid.  Her lifelong interest has been focused on the environmental world, which serves as the lens in which she envisions and creates her art.  She is a graduate from the School of Visual Arts, majoring in Fine Arts.   

Hidden Wonders is her current series of work inspired by the molluscan seashell’s manifold of colors, patterns, and textures.  The beauty of nature is her muse, which drives the conception of these oceanic paintings. Her hope is to revitalize people to treasure the natural world by encouraging viewers to dive into the voyage at the bottom of the sea and honor our maritime eco-system.  Judith serves as the Vice President of The Molluscan Science Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of our coral reefs.  

Judith has appeared on Redding News Review Radio, CBS Live It Up with Donna Drake and the Kristal Hart NYC TV Show.

Her photography has also been published in the book: The Most Beautiful Shell: Spondylus americanus.