Citizens' Climate Lobby 2018 Northeast Regional Conference
to Mar 18

Citizens' Climate Lobby 2018 Northeast Regional Conference

  • University of Massachusetts - Amherst (map)
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The urgency to stop climate change grows by the day.

YOU are the solution – YOU are the cavalry that will save the day
YOU will get Congress to act

Gale’s latests works, “Hidden Wonders,” portray the exquisite details of mollusk patterns and textures. The paintings provide but a snapshot of the beauty that we stand to lose if we do not act now to save the treasures of the deep seas. Climate change is a crisis that calls for immediate action, yet somehow we fail to see the present ramifications, insisting that this phenomenon only creates a future risk. Some indicators of climate change are not visible to the naked eye, yet if we open our eyes and look a little deeper, we can see the havoc that climate change has already wreaked on so much of nature.

I only hope, with my paintbrush and my voice, that I may force people to take notice of this crisis and understand the urgency for action.

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