My Newest painting* Cymbiola nobilis

Cymbiola nobilis is a volute sea snail with beautiful varieties of line patterns evocative of abstract expressionism. I was inspired by the free-flowing and mercurial way the lines travel across the shell. I love how I can almost immediately visualize my artistic rendition of these precious little gems of the sea. Nature never fails to get my creative juices flowing!

I highlighted these natural patterns with an electric blue reminiscent of the sea as the sunlight beams off its surface, and used UV paint to add an extra glow.  

Here is my painting - I hope you are as inspired by natural wonders as I am! Have a beautiful day :)

Cymbiola nobilis27x50.jpg

Cymbiola nobilis
Mixed Media on Canvas
27 x 50", 2018


Blue lines glow in dark with UV light