Interview with Renée Phillips about Hidden Wonders and my involvement with THE MOLLUSCAN SCIENCE FOUNDATION (mSF)

Judith Gale, Artist and Concerned Environmentalist

Judith Gale is an internationally exhibited artist, widely known for her series entitled “Hidden Wonders.”  In this body of work, she provides us with a unique way of viewing the complexities of the seashell to gain appreciation for its important role in marine life.  As a concerned environmentalist, Judith serves as Vice President of the Molluscan Science Foundation, which is dedicated to the preservation of our marine environments. She studied Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts in New York, New York. She recently exhibited at the Museum of Estense Castle Ferrar in Italy and is in a show at The VETS Gallery in R.I. She found time in her busy schedule for this interview that sheds light on her creative passion and environmental concerns.
— Renée Phillips