Did you know my paintings glow in the dark?!

Excited for the "Wonders of our Universe,” an environmental exhibition, opening TONIGHT from 6-9 pm @ Viviana Puello Gallery. It is an honor to be given the ‘Artivist of the Year Award’ and to be the cover artist for ArtTourInternational Magazine Artist for a Green Planet Special Edition!!

There will be a glow in the dark room where, for the first time, you can see my paintings glow!! Hope to see you there tonight!! The exhibition is through Dec 3, 2018.

TIcket info here


hello all! It has been a while but good news… I have two shows coming this October!

October 11: Pop Up show at a stellar fashion store called Pookie & Sebastian 1488 2nd Ave NYC.

October 19, 20, 21: BIONEERS-Pathways Forward* the biggest environmental conference in country which will be held at the MARIN CIVIC CENTER in Marin, CA.

Stay tuned for more info!

Peace and Love, Judith

My Newest painting* Cymbiola nobilis

Cymbiola nobilis is a volute sea snail with beautiful varieties of line patterns evocative of abstract expressionism. I was inspired by the free-flowing and mercurial way the lines travel across the shell. I love how I can almost immediately visualize my artistic rendition of these precious little gems of the sea. Nature never fails to get my creative juices flowing!

I highlighted these natural patterns with an electric blue reminiscent of the sea as the sunlight beams off its surface, and used UV paint to add an extra glow.  

Here is my painting - I hope you are as inspired by natural wonders as I am! Have a beautiful day :)

Cymbiola nobilis27x50.jpg

Cymbiola nobilis
Mixed Media on Canvas
27 x 50", 2018


Blue lines glow in dark with UV light 

Art Tour International Magazine Spring Issue 2018

Proud to be apart of Art Tour International Spring Issue Magazine and receive a special certificate for "Best of International Arts"



I will be on the ArtTour International Show which will air this Thursday (tomorrow) at 5:30 PM in New York MNN Spectrum Channel 1093. 

New paintings coming soon!  Xoxo Judith

Happy Earth Day! 🌎

It is so important to protect our natural world by limiting our ecological footprint.  It should be each person’s responsibility to do his or her part in preserving our environment for future generations in order to improve the world’s sustainability. Each individual’s understanding concerning the accumulation of their actions can have a large impact on the environmental health of our planet.  

Update* New work in the making

So excited for the sunshine!!! I make my best work in the Spring.  I love to paint outside. The fresh air,  the sounds of nature, observing plants reawakening, It is all so inspiring.

I am looking forward to sharing my *new* Hidden Wonders series of paintings very soon!!  


In the meantime, Click here to read a recent interview with Alpha'a inc. about my development as an artist. 


Judith Gale 




Speaking about my paintings March 4th in Babylon, LI

"Well Being Winter Fair," March 4th hosted at Jack Jack’s Coffee House in Babylon.  There will be various activities going on and speakers including myself!  I was asked to speak about my paintings that have been displayed at their gallery these past few months.  I will also be discussing my involvement with the Molluscan Science Foundation, Inc. concerning education of mollusks and coral reef conservation.  I will be giving away mini signed prints and heart cockle seashells. 

Hope to see you there! JGM

Contributing photographer for The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals

Hi everyone!  I am so pleased to be a contributing photographer for The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.

It brings me great joy to donate my nature photos from my garden back home in Baltimore with others around the world. Currently the photo chosen is my Midnight Marvel hibiscus flowers that are a gorgeous fuchsia color.


I hope these visuals provide peace and comfort to the viewers as they did for me, watching them grow. 

Connection with KEIKO Conservation

As VP of Molluscan Science Foundation, I am delighted to have connected with KEIKO Conservation. We have donated access to our lesson plans and natural seashells.

This donation will help incorporate the protection of coral reef awareness into their school curriculum and will be used at outdoor education outreach events hosted at reef and beach clean-ups in Hawaii at One Ocean Diving & Education. MAHALO!


Interview with Renée Phillips about Hidden Wonders and my involvement with THE MOLLUSCAN SCIENCE FOUNDATION (mSF)

Judith Gale, Artist and Concerned Environmentalist

Judith Gale is an internationally exhibited artist, widely known for her series entitled “Hidden Wonders.”  In this body of work, she provides us with a unique way of viewing the complexities of the seashell to gain appreciation for its important role in marine life.  As a concerned environmentalist, Judith serves as Vice President of the Molluscan Science Foundation, which is dedicated to the preservation of our marine environments. She studied Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts in New York, New York. She recently exhibited at the Museum of Estense Castle Ferrar in Italy and is in a show at The VETS Gallery in R.I. She found time in her busy schedule for this interview that sheds light on her creative passion and environmental concerns.
— Renée Phillips

Hidden Wonders exhibition review

Thank you Tom Stock for the wonderful review. It was such a pleasure meeting you at the opening! Also, another special thank you to Vanessa and Michael, owners of J2X Abstract Painting Gallery and Coffee House for being amazing hosts and new friends 😄

Her latest exhibit is at Jack Jack’s Coffee House on Deer Park Avenue in Babylon. Four large canvasses take viewers to coral reefs. When she finds shells with colorful markings that she likes, she begins her own journey to express the shapes and forms beyond reality. Her intention is to take us deeper than the surface of a shell. She starts there, uses “happy colors” and expands micro-sized features to macro to explode a universe of color and form. “I want to protect the richness of nature.” The ocean is undergoing severe impacts from acidification which directly kills delicate, sensitive mollusk species. Her art is a unique way to let us put on diving mask and blow tube and dive... 
— Tom Stock