About the Artist

Reflections of my deep passion for nature captivated me towards discovering the infinite intricacies found in living things. This intrigue led me below the waters into the fascinating world of marine life. The architectural details, in the home where these molluscan animals dwell possess an abundance of diversity. I have spotlighted this beauty through close examination interlaced with imagination.
— Judith Gale

Artist Judith Gale is a familiar face in galleries both in the US and abroad. As a lifelong environmentalist, Judith does not see a separation between her art and her cause. The environment is both the model and the artwork. It is also the message. Having graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, her focus on painting and bioart merged with her environmental interest to create her unique style.

Out of the many exhibitions Judith held, Hidden Wonders stands out. Not only because it was her first solo show in New York, but because through it she came into her own both as an artist and as an environmentalist. The paintings reflect an intimate awareness and a intrinsic passion toward the molluscan seashells. The textures enlarged, the patterns magnified, and the bright colors tell the story of a marine life that is threatened with destruction. But even as this drama plays on the canvass, it is clear that she has hope that her work reawakens in people the desire to protect the sea world and its inhabitants.

Judith has been actively working with the Molluscan Science Foundation, Inc, a nonprofit organization focused on preserving coral reefs. As Vice President of this organization, Judith has been involved in distributing education material to school children all over the world. She hopes that by introducing seashells to children, they will grow to love and appreciate our oceans and help protect them. This work with seashells later shaped her art and influenced the themes of her paintings and photography.